Buy Smart drugs. Smart drugs or nootropics are any chemicals taken to improve mental performance. Some improve overall IQ, while others enhance memory, stamina, concentration or creativity brain circuits. The medical term for smart drugs is nootropics. Smart drugs are also known as brain supplements or cognitive enhancers. They help you perform mentally better on exams, in your career, and in your life. Better thinking = better life.

Check thisNature magazine reported that 20% of their world scientist readership admitted to using smart drugs (and you thought great idea breakthroughs were the just the product of hard work) - read here.

CBS News (Katie Couric) reported that college students using pharmaceutical cognitive enhancement may be as high as 60% on some college campuses BECAUSE SMART DRUGS WORK raising a users grade by a letter e.g. B to A - read here.

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Famous Smart Drug Users

Use of mind altering or enhancing drugs is well known in creative industries.  Musicians and artists often attribute their creativity to these chemicals. But use is not limited to the creative arts. Many leaders of industry and science have weilded smart drugs to their advantage and this fact is frequently discarded from their biographies.
Albert Einstein: physicist - Nicotine
Elvis Priestly: musician - Barbiturates, Demerol
Lewis Carroll: author "Alice in Wonderland" - Mushrooms
Paul Erdos: mathematician - Amphetamines
Philip K. Dick: author "Blade Runner" - Amphetamines
Robert Louis Stevenson: author "Treasure Island" - Opium
Sigmund Freud: psychoanalysis founder - Nicotine, Coccaine
Steve Jobs: Apple Computers co-founder - LSD
The Beatles: band - LSD

Some mind altering drugs can be damaging. The good news is that the smart drugs hand picked and featured on this web site are legal without a prescription and generally safer than taking aspirin - unlike borrowing Adderall or Provigil from your buddy.

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How to Buy a Smart Drug

Before buying smart drugs you should try optimizing your diet, sleep, exercise and study strategies. If you have, and you are still struggling academically or in your career then you may need to consider reaching out for help from smart drugs.

Finding the right smart drug for yourself is like shopping for clothes. You may have to try several until you find the right fit - read more about the best smart drugs and smart drug reviews. 


The first step in buying a smart drug is figuring out "what result am I looking for?". Are you looking for more mental stamina, better memory, greater clarity, faster retrieval? The second step is research. Read up on smart drugs available to determine which can satisfy your aim. You can do this online from resources like Wikipedia, or by books such Smart Drugs II advertised to the left of this page. The final stage is acquisition and trial. We've made it easy to find and buy smart drugs through the portal.
When buying smart drugs also consider cost. Powders are much cheaper than tablets and a great deal if already know what works best for you and need it in bulk. If you're in the experimental stage you are better off buying tablets in as small a quantity as available to try.

Do not try smart drugs if you are under 18 years old, have a medical illness or may be pregnant without talking with your doctor first.



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